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Dear Angela
Following our communication, I include Technical Chamber of Greece calculations for one house with basement and one pool based on which we can get an idea of the cost levels for technical studies, supervision, taxes and agency expenses per m2.

I also attach our Plan of Works which you can download and gives a clear idea of the work process from start to completion.

Finally we include a communication form that -if having the pleasure to work together- will be directed to a single person of our work team making make sure that appropriate responses and information asked are produced reach their destinations effectively.

Our projects are all described in a designated web page (such as this one), ensuring that all team members have a common picture of our path from start to completion, enhancing the effectiveness of our communication and decision making.

Client management is most important to this process and we provide a method based on which it can flourish.

I express my pleasure communicating with you and giving us the opportunity to be of service.

I will be delighted hearing from you and offer any additional information needed at this stage.

Constantine Grapsas (BA Hons), DipArch, MPhil Cambridge

29.5.2021 - on going (att: Eleni)

28 Μαΐ 2021, 1:51 μ.μ. Received land documents by mail   

We need:

· Ν651/77


· Π.Δ.04-11-2011 (ΦΕΚ 289/ΑΑΠ/2011).

· ΕΓΚΥΚΛΙΟΣ 124/82 για οικισμό Κοντογιαννιάτικα

· Την από 21.3.19 βεβαίωση πολεοδομίας με αρ.πρωτ. 5359/2018 

Assigned for locating these documents: Eleni (helper Constantine)


Please find the official (technical Chamber of Greece) cost calculation for residence 200m2 with pool 60m2
(vat-φπα is based on the receipts that will be issued)

General information:

RealArchitects Plan of Works

We trust to work offering maximum clarity and freedom of flexibility to our clients, aiming to enjoy the highest Client input from start to completion of our projects. We know that the best project is the one that has meets the highest Client expectations and highest technical servces of a smoothly running technical team.

So, we present a clear, comprehensive and detailed Plan of Works based on which we develop our Client communication and teamworking. 

We constantly maintain a signle communication point for all team members involved ensuring that all parties dynamics are focused, concetrated and coordinated in mind, heart and spirit!

Please download our RIBA Plan of Works as adapted for Greek Environment.

Work examples

Here is an Ionian style hotel

But generally the looks of the buildings fit the preferences of our employers, which is the work we do at Stages a and B of our plan of work.

A general picture of our work experience is presented in our web page

I am at your disposal for any additional information you may need.


communication ways

Project commuication

We keep a separate communication node for each of our projects so we always stay focused as a team, regardless of developments effected by Greek impulsive creative qualities. We support 'out of the box' decision making with good quality control and management from start to completion.

A member of our team is assinged to respond to communication through this node.

Team member responsible: Constantine Grapsas
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