Professional building servicves and quality control

Professional building servicves and quality control 

Stage A-B

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Stages A-B

Site survey

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Report 01

> There is an excavation in the land (probably based on the previous building permit).

> The land is too vegetated for having access other than the excavation area.

> Excavation area seems very good for catching the views.

> We need to check that the excavation is on a legally sound place (proper distance fron borders), topographer has been ordered to do this check. (ok)

> If we see that we can work on that area there may be no need to clear the land at this point, it is advisable though that we fence the borders so to make sure we have no neigbours claiming different bordering. 

progress 1.3.2021
Site Survey completed
New site plan completed
Under process: building regulations, and spatial arrangement

images are indicational of style and qualities desirable

progress 2.3.2021
Site Survey completed
New site plan completed
Building regulations, and spatial arrangement completed

Next: receive client feedback on spatial arrangement proposed for moving to next stage.

Stage A (Appraisal) - completed

hand in 02.04.2021
first sketch plan based on approved spatial organization and building regulations basic requirements study.

above: an alternative solution with an extra low ceiling open internal space is also studied and we will know soon in what extend this is possible.

Stage B (Strategic Brief) completed - 


progress 4.5.2021
Land registration 
Conacts for land or border clearing
Alterations in sketch plans
Marking building on site
Under process: plan improvements

Stage C  - on going
25.5.2021 Plan improvements

These plans are to be further developed after discussions with planning authority

Stage C - final
17.6.2021 Final plan improvements (taking into account land details and building regulation amendmets) 

Stage C is now complete and we can start Stage D towards finalising most aspects of the desing that will be forwarded for mechanical and structural engineer consultation and decide on external appearanve details. At this stage we would need to receive Steve&Meena's approval on plans and to see the land cleared by earthworker, before we proceed to fixing Stage D.

We can now receive Stage C payment as per Agreement and earthworker's fees so to proceed to preparing Stage D (plus vat if through a bank transaction). Please let us know when we are ready to proceed. 

Stage D - for approval

Technical drawings so to catch up August general vacations

Improvements from previous stage:

- Enlarged glass areas over entrance / improvements in room volumes in relation to elevation / enlargement of room windows in elevation / back openings remain smaller from practical and insulation reasosn

- Pool level is raised as per S+M instructions (this way an additional concrete retaining wall may be needed but it improves the living room experience).

If we have S+M's approval we can close Stage D and start work with excavator/structural engineer/mechanical engineer, also enter Stage E for planing permit file to be submitted preferably before 13 August.

PS: I plan to enlarge the back wall of the room over the living room completelly, in agreement with the mechanichal engineer considering insulation law (UK Part L)

Upon receiving your approval we proceed to Stage E where we will be looking at details, collaborating with other engineers (structural, mechanical), marking on site and start preparatory eartworks to verify our plans on site.

Site works - clearing land stage 01 / 19.8.21

photos of site works on 18.8.21:

Next stages
- marking of house footprint on site
- final reassessment of planing and levels
- carrying our mechanical studies (Prepare for cost surveying*)
- carrying out structural studies (Prepare for cost surveing*

* cost surveying is an after permit service (see RIBA Plan of Works) that is related to the way we are carrying out the techinal studies work. We receive and take into account cost information based on technical requirements of construction demands and specification as they develop allong to our technical work developing. This allows us to maintail value for money, take efficient decisions and keep informed and techincally adequate cost control also to receive quotations with comparable elements to be presented to our client. 

Extra works (not included in or permit agreement):

> April 2021 / Registration of land in land registry:

This was done by our employers before stage C

> June 2021 / Meeting with excavator on site:

Works needed at this stage:
1. Clearing existing road so to check if it serves our needs and include it in our design development. 
2. Clearing 10 meters in fron to existing excavation so to check if there is apportunity for using a second level for laisure and pooll area.
3. Approximatelly 20 meters clearing the mountain that 'blocks the biew' so to access the situation.
4. Clearing the existing left-overs from previous excavation (put it all on side so we free the space)

This excavator proposes that he will need one small and one large machine.
Client's approval needed:
We received a verbal offer of e3000 (we did not discuss about vat)

> Audust 2021 / Site instructions and supervision of site works
and client repoting:

Earthworker followed our instruction thrugh direct commuication and carried out works in middle of August as agreed. Site was cleared as instructed according to our needs for that stage. We can now see the land and evaluate the feasibiity of the house positioning, levels etc so to maintain economy and efectiveness without reducing the quality of the final product.


For future consideration:

After-permit Stages F-L ensure:

1- proper cost control during specifiaction studies

The total cost of the building is defined on design and specification decisons and not on construction stages. We adjust architect's instructions during construction and work developmen based on quantity surveying  and market search so to keep high levels of economy and value for money without compromising the quality and integrity of the construction and performance of our buildings.

2- proper construction supervision and performance without cost and time damages due to lack of coordination.
A professional's care that foresees construction and coordination needs during construction is essential to avoid time and cost damages due to lack of coordination between local workers with limited technical assistance. Architect's care and supervision is essential so to maintain inregrity of the final product and its performance.

3- Full presence of the engineer responsible to comply with legal supervison requirements and coordination with local authorities for building auditor's checkings (not required 10 years ago)

4- Resolving and foreseeing construction detailing for each work team on site  taking into account the next work team's needs and final style, use and performance of the building. This way we keep its architectural and operational integrity avoiding extra expences and damages due to lack of coordination and lack of technical overal management. 

5- Specification and construction detailing that enable us to pre-estimate cost for each work. Without a professional's care, there is no supervision taking into account the final character and budjet available for the building. Work teams enter on site with a quoted preliminary cost based on old type building but costs change according to new data which they were not able to foresee or give solutions as they arise. During past decades decisions were taken on site by workers without coordination with engineers responsible. Thus, estimated costs change continuisly, integrity of house is damaged and performance is reduced. The total product is more expensive and its quality reduced. Legal and technical inconsistences then require more energy and money to be resolved, if possible. For proper quality and cost control our clients use after permit services. In our case, mechanical adequate installation and larger than usual window sizes can not be realised under local old-way system that is based on one-man work services. Any additons on the house should follow desing line and logic of overall design so to ensure a coherent architectural character that will be respected by all users and clients.

  Any construction procedure, without professional supervison leads to many gradual alterations of the desing (based on the requireents and solutions of each worker who gets involved), the loss of design integrity and quality of the building, higher final costs (that are never predicted) and large time delays.

6- Compliance with recent legal requirements and building digital identity.

The law follows European standards protecting building owners and ensuring technical and legal comliance. The new legal requirements for keeping a digital construction diary with film and photographs, a construction diary, formal engineer's approvals for works carried out,

constant updating of project changes due to construction and keeping a record of invoices of materials used as described by technical studies, ensures that the new generation of buildings comply with European quality standards and protect clients interests, from works that can not be legally or technically safeguarded.

The law, the requirements of the industry and reality require and support the use and management though professionals who are legaly responsible for quality, performance and cost control based on Client's requirements. Proper management and planning always has as a result qua;ity and financial gainings for our clients. Proper building control is always recomended by our practice as this is what will ensure that the quality decided and apprved by the Greek state is safelly and aconomicaly ensured.

Please see bellow the Work Stages involved in construction stages and allow for:

A- affectivelly receiving comparable offers that do not change due time

B- decision making that does not compromise architectural, operational and financial performance

C- Legal compliance, quality and financial control

D - Predictability and peace of mind

E - Ensured security of your investent value for money

F - Time deadlines and professional time management control

G- Realizarion of the building as it was intented to be and hearfully designed.

The purpose of the above sevrices is the recognised need for effective cost and quality control that client's investments deserve and the law ensures, the protection of architect's intellectual property and the compliance with technical specification and quality of our client's investment. Clients satisfaction financial and quality control ensures that our practice receives our next projects through recomendations and we all work for this purpose in Lefkada since 2000.
From our practice's point of view it is of highest importance to ensure that our clients have received soundly the above information and knowledge so to proceed to fully informed decision making. It would be our client's decision if we will proceed in project realisation based on the bellow recomended by all technical bodies Work Stages (that today are not included in our Agreement).

Bellow are the stages we would need to make a decision on how we will proceed and for which we highly recomend that professional services are used safeguarding our work and your investment:

Please let us know should you wish a quotation for
professional construction management,
technical support and construction detail drawigns.

6.10.21 - Please choose the prefered relationship of water areas

I propose the lowered swallow pool as it offers privacy and
enriches the experience of living in the building.

cost control issues:

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